Daniel L. Silver, School of Computer Science, Acadia University.


Course Schedule

Slide TITLE Reading
Lecture 1 Intro and Overview Reading: PJEC portions Ch.1, DDEA Ch.1
Lecture 2 E-Bus/E-Comm Trends Reading: EB2 portions Ch.2, EBTS p.23-36
Lecture 3 E-Comm. Business Models Reading: Deital p.28-49
Lecture 4 E-Comm Infrastructure 1 Reading: EBTS p.109-126, Sharma portions Ch. 2, DDEA Ch. 2
Stores Teams Selected
Lecture 5 E-Comm Infrastructure 2 Reading: DDEA Ch.7, Sharma portions Ch.1
Lecture 6 Workshop: HTML basics and the
Acadia network - Greg Deveau
Lecture 7 Java, Applets and JavaScript Reading: Sharma portions of Ch. 3
Due: Assign#1 - HTML
Lecture 8 CGI and Forms Reading: DDEA Ch.6, Sharma portions Ch. 1
Lecture 9 Workshop: Netbeans IDE Tutorial
and Eclipse IDE Tutorial and Java Applets
Lecture 10 Web/Application Servers Reading: WSSK portions of Ch. 6, 7, App.Server Matrix
Due: Assign#2 - Java Applet
Lecture 11 Database Fundamentals for E-Comm Reading: DDEA Ch.5, PostGreSQL intro
Lecture 12 Workshop: Server access, Forms and CGI  
Lecture 13 Your E-Commerce Server Environment Reading: review the Tomcat docs
Lecture 14 Buffer/Review Assign#3 - Forms and CGI
Lecture 15 MIDTERM (study guide)  
Lecture 16 Java Servlet Basics Reading: DDEA Ch.7, EJP Ch.4 (p.48-63), Sharma p.110-122
Lecture 17 Java Servlets and Sessions  
Lecture 18 Java Servlets and Session (con't)  
Lecture 19 Workshop: Java Servlets and eadmin  
Lecture 20 Java Server Pages (JSPs) Reading: JSP Intro, EJP Ch.10, JSP Ref Sheet (2 pages)
Lecture 21 Java Beans and J2EE Reading: EJP Ch.13, PJEC Ch.5
Lecture 22 Java Beans and J2EE (cont)  
Lecture 23 Workshop: JSPs and Beans  
Lecture 24 Java Beans and J2EE (cont) and review of store JSPs Assign#4 - Java Servlet/JSP
Lecture 25 E-Payment Methods Deital Ch.4
Lecture 26 Workshop: Assign#4 and Project help  
Lecture 27 E-Payment Methods (con't)  
Lecture 28 Security & Authentication Deital Ch. 7, DDEA Ch.11, Technology Law handout
Lecture 29 Workshop: Project help  
Lecture 30 Security & Authentication (con't)  
Lecture 31 Projects due Nov29  
Lecture 32 XML DDEA Ch.8
Lecture 33 CAR113 5-6:30pm - Top 5 Madlibs,
Project Demos and Exam Review