EE 382 N Vijay Garg Fall 2004

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN



Course Handouts & other materials          Class Presentations          Papers
lecture-schedule          Detecting Relational Predicates: Selma Ikiz          BQS-DC.pdf
f04-syllabus          Model Checking: Prateek Gupta          Hector.pdf
f04hw1          Recovery in DS: Vinit Ogale          INCO3054-184-206.pdf
f04hw3          Fault tolerance: Marty Weiner          IPT.pdf
f04proj.html          Dynamic Update of Distributed Systems: Alireza Farhangi          Linguistic-support.pdf
sample-Test2.pdf          Checking Finite Traces: Jyotirmoy Deshmukh          Neeraj-projects.pdf          Formal Verification of Distributed Systems: Sujatha Kashyap          On_scalable_and_efficient_distributed_failure_detectors.pdf
sample.pdf          Security in Distributed Computing: Arindam Chakraborty          PIC.pdf                  
HW1-TIPS.txt                            bvvmain.pdf
IPC.ppt                            chord.ppt
PROJ.TXT                            dcs96.pdf
Questions.pdf                                              felix.pdf
QuestionsWithAnswers.pdf                            global-computation.pdf                  
chapter6.ppt                            malkhi98byzantine.pdf
chapter8.ppt                            partiallookup.ppt
Chap9.ppt                            raynal-coding.pdf
Chap10.ppt                            seq-consist.pdf
Chap11.ppt (old)                            seqconst2.pdf
chapter12.ppt                            stateless-term.pdf
chapter13.ppt                            streaming.pdf
Chap 15.ppt                                    
Chap 16.ppt