Lori's Web Graphics: Links


About.com: Graphics Software
Essential Links to Web Graphics Resources
The Pixel Foundry
s t u d i o webgraphics
Web Designer's Paradise
Webmonkey: graphics-fonts collection
WebReference.com: Web/Authoring/Graphics
WDVL: Graphics Tools, Techniques, Examples and Resources

Paint Shop Pro

Jasc, Inc. Designer Studio
i/us Discussions: PSP Forum
Paint Shop Pro Users Group
PSP InterActive Zone
Abstract Dimensions
Artistic Edges in Paint Shop Pro
DesignsbyDonna Tutorials
GraphX Design - PSP Tutorials
The Hood, Paintshop Pro 5 Digital Art Gallery
Mich?le's PSP Tips and Tricks
New Dawn Micro - PSP Tips and Techniques
Odds N Ends 
Paint Shop Pro Resources Tutorials
State of Entropy: Paint Shop Pro Graphics
SW - Making Graphics
WDVL: Introduction to Paint Shop Pro 5 
Web Graphics on a Budget


Fantastic Machines 
Filter Factory Galleries
MediaSpark Filters
NVR BorderMania
The Plugin Head
PlugIn Com HQ
Simple Filters Page 
Ultimate Photoshop: Filters & Plugins
Blade Pro
Eye Candy
Kai's Power Tools
Ulead's Plugins

Blade Pro Presets

Blade pro Presets 
Presets for Blade Pro by Angel^Heart


GIF Cruncher
JPEG Wizard
Netmechanic: GIFBot
Ulead's SmartSaver
WebGraphics Optimizer
WebVise Totality

Image Maps


Ă┘═ď┴═┴ GIFs

The Animated GIF Artists Guild
A Beginners Guide to Animated Gifs
How to Create Animated GIFs
Alchemy Mindwork's GIF Construction Set
Ulead's GIF Animator


PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
PNG Home Page

PSP ┴├┘├¤╔

Cindy's Place: PSP Tubes
Creations by Wisdom: PSP 5 Tubes
Diana's Free Tubes
Hoods PSP5 Tutorial - Using Tubes
ScullyCJ's Using Tubes
Tubaholics Anonymous
The Tube Gallery
The Tube Garden
Tubes and Graphics
Wendallzmomz Tubez


Brushaholics Anonymous
Diana's Brushes
Gail's Brushes - Designs by Magic
Hidden Kisses (with Brushes by Nannie)
Mousehold Creations - Custom Brushes
The Page of Blues

Bizier ╩┴╠đŇ╦┼Ë

What's a B?zier Curve?
The WDVL: Bezier Lines


Sarah Arnott's Vector Basics
SOE: Creating Vector Shapes
SOE: Text Around a Circular Path

Freeware & Shareware Fonts

Astigmatic One Eye Freeware Fonts
Brain Stew Font Archive
The Dingbat Pages
Emerald City Fontwerks
Font Depot
Font Frenzy
Font Garden
The Font Pool
Fonts & Things
MediaBuilder - FreeFont Library
Kyl's Medieval and Fantasy Fonts
Kemosabe's Font Archive
Shareware and Freeware Fonts
sunwalk fontworks
TarmSaft Font Factory

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