The village is inhabited by approximately 1000 people born and bred in Halkidiki. The patron saint of our community is St.George. There is a Cultural and an Educational-Sports club which perform various activities. To the south-east of the village, 6 kilometres to the cape Kanastreo the settlement of Xynas can be found, and 2 kilometres after that the settlement of Agios Nikolaos of Kanistron with the two picturesque bays and a very beautiful peninsula with the church of St.Nicholas. 4 kilometres to the north-east of the village there is the settlement of Glarokavos.                                                                                                                                          Local celebrations

On the names day of  St.George the patron saint of the village and on the 15th of August, the Assumption of the Virgin. According to an old custom a mixture of wheat and milk is distributed to the visitors.
                                                                        Coastal navigation
every day in summer, tourist boats can be hired towards Marmaras, Holy Mountain, Kelyfos, Spatharonissia, Akti Kalogrias, Ouranoupolis.
                                                                         Overland transport
It's 122 kilometres from Thessaloniki and 80 km from Poligiros. There is a bus service to and from Thessaloniki, 7 times a day in summer and 5 times in winter.

 The village is old and inhabited by local people. It was ruined by the Turks 3 times. The last destruction was in 1821. It has 437 inhabitants. The patron saint of the village is St.John the Baptist. The village got its name from the little church of St.Paraskevi, situated at its edge. One Km to the east of the village lies the Church of St.George which is a resting place for the travellers with its spring water and oak trees. Five Km to the south, close to the sea is the settlement of LOUTRA which consists of holiday habitations. There are spas which help the cure of fractures, spondylitis, skin diseases e.t.c as well as rooms to let and 2 hotels.

Local celebrations
26th July, St.Paraskevi. Feast of the church, traditional music at the town square.
Famous local products
Honey and Olive oil.