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Welcome to the web site of the Parallel Distributed Processing Laboratory (PDP Lab), Department of Applied Informatics, University of Macedonia Thessaloniki, Greece.

PDP Lab is a collection of faculty and students who study issues in Parallel Distributed Processing as a broad field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), covering several interrelated areas such as Parallel Processinging, Distributed Systems, Internet and Grid Computing, Intelligent Systems.

PDP Lab was founded in 1994 under the supervision of Prof. K.G. Margaritis and is located on the fifth floor of the Department of Applied Informatics building (map).

Parallel Distributed Processing is a key term for computational and networking infrastructures of the Information Society, since parallel processing is the most promising approach for achieving high speed computing for large volume of data in the new generation computer systems. Furthermore, Internet and World Wide Web naturally lead to distributed information systems as well as to network based, heterogenous, mobile and pervasive computing systems. Finally, Parallel Distributed Processing is a key technology for modern human-centric Intelligent Systems since it allows for efficient implementation of basic adaptation, co-ordinatination and learning tasks, inspired from natural or social systems.

PDP Lab is involved in several ICT projects, together with other members of staff of the Department and the University, forming a broader ICT Group. PDP Lab supports "Free and Open Source Software"

Funded by The Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs
and the European Union


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Contact: kmarg@uom.gr
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